Piperoids, the Papercraft Robots

Papercraft has progressed with time and you too can see the same by having a look at these Piperoids.

Made totally out of colorful paper pipes, these desk-sized robots only need you to invest some 30 minutes to get the final product. Armed with a handful of paper tubes and scissors, you can create these robots using multiple cuts and folds.

Since pipes of the same diameter are used to create all these Piperoid characters, you can even create hybrids in no time by simply interchanging some parts of a few of these paper robots. What’s more lucrative is the ability to move all the joints of your craft, thanks to the absence of tape and glue.

These Piperoid characters come in four styles – Guyzer & Bean, Penk & Goriborg, Mantis Harry, and Muscle Joe and range between $11.95 – 15.95 each.

So, if you and your children love papercrafts, let your creativity run wild with the creation of these Piperoids that are about 3″-4″ tall, and come along with clear instructions that feature full-color illustrations.

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