Rejuven8 Concept for the 2050 Kitchens

Technological advancements have given wings to thoughts which have successfully reached a destination.  Designers are constantly involved in coming up with new ideas and concepts that leave us amazed at their potential.

Andrew Godin from Australia is one such designer whose concepts and designs have found a good audience. The latest that has come from him is the Rejuven8.

Rejuven8 is a concept of a home appliance which is “designed for the year 2050”. We have no clue about why this date was chosen but the product sure does appear useful for the present times as well. This home appliance is a multi-utility piece of object which, when ready, will be no less than an extract from a science fiction movie. The appearance is sleek, shiny, stylish, and nothing like any other product we find around us. Sitting on the counter top,  it will definitely set heads turning in its direction. The green and black colors are brightly done and complement each other.

The final object that is presented is a collection of a number of smaller parts. Each part can be easily reassembled. The entire body contains two circular frames – the larger one is the main support stand while the smaller one houses the controls and the spray nozzles. This has been made from high density recycled plastic. Gloss black acrylic has been used for the rear cover, front cover, and the inside cover and hinge. The nozzle housing cover, misting nozzles, and the recovery unit are made from engineering plastic. The carbon waste bin material is HDPE, black acrylic.

Once the unit is assembled it’s ready to do your work at various levels. The front cover is not only to provide cover to the unit but also functions as an LCD screen. It has a storehouse of recipes and can give you a step-by-step instruction to prepare a meal. Once you are done with your meal, chuck away all the scrapings into its bin where the waste is thoroughly broken down to the molecular level. The reusable nutrients and minerals are stored for future use while the waste is broken down further and eliminated as carbon powder.

The stored nutrients are used for your next meal. Place your dish of prepared food in front of the overhang area just below the spray nozzles. Using the controls allow a spray of stored nutrients into your food without it leaving any odor or aftertaste.

As part of its additional functions, it connects to other products in the house and sends updates to the food database which time and again displays information on its LCD screen. This is one appliance that can prove to be your health and hygiene guide and caretaker.

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Via: Yankodesign