Cute Cheshire Cat And White Rabbit Beanies For Alice In Wonderland Fans

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a famous novel that was written way back in the 19th century and also it’s 3D movie, Alice in Wonderland has hit the theaters recently, adding more to the list of it’s huge fans all over the world. If you are also it’s fan, then these Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit Beanies are definitely a sweet treat for you!


The Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit Beanies which are inspired from the Alice in Wonderland characters, are crocheted from 100% acrylic yarn and are very comfortable to wear. The face and ears on the beanies are made of polyester felt and as per your desire, these beanies are also available without the faces and in different shades. These Cute Hand made beanies are available in all sizes ranging from a new born to adult, all you need to do is specify size and color on checkout. So Now you can flaunt your love for the sweet characters of your favorite Alice in Wonderland by grabbing these cute beanies for $15 each.

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