Mace Pepper Spray Gun: Your ideal defense tool

The increase in crime in the world today has given rise to the availability of several self-defense tools in the market, one of the most popular of which is the Mace Pepper Spray Gun with a price tag of $50.99. This is one of the most preferred pepper spray units available today in the self-defense category.

The gun comes complete with disposable pepper cartridges, a water test cartridge, and LED light. The water cartridge allows one to practice using it without harming another. On the other hand, the LED light allows you to disarm your attacker by distracting him or her with the light, as well as to see clearly in the darkest sidewalks in the night. The spray released from the gun flows in a constant stream, up to 25 feet in distance, from all angles, making it a great defense tool. It also has a safety button to ensure that children do not accidentally set it off.

So, the next time you are out late, be sure to go with the Mace Pepper Spray Gun and you will never have to worry about being attacked.

If you want to have some original pepper shakers though, check out the  screwed shaped ones and those modeled on embellished umbrellas.

Via: The Gadgeteer