Hear Your Food Sing with Flipper Guitar Spatula

Cooking becomes fun when you get to work with beautiful utensils. You add that special ingredient of joy in to every dish you cook. How about adding a little music into food? Not only will you be rocking so will be the people you serve the musical food. Go ahead and grab the Flipper Guitar Spatula.Having guitar playing skills is not a prerequisite to own this rocking piece of cookware. All that is required is a love for the guitar. Shaped like a guitar, it has been intelligently designed to work as a very efficient spatula. Paired up with your cooking skills, the results are just going to be awesome.

The guitar spatula measures 4.5 inches wide, which gives it ample space to flip over just about anything. What are the things you normally flip over in a pan? Omelets, pancakes, flatbreads? Or you could also use it to spoon out a variety of dishes from the fry pan into the plate such as pan pizzas, toasted sandwiches, and many more such lip smacking preparations. It is 17 inches long, which means it is considerably long enough to give a comfortable hold.

The shape and looks of the spatulas bring that zing into the cooking process. Do not be surprised to find yourself doing a bit of a jig in the middle of your cooking. Music adds life to the soul and you can feel it in food. This, however, is not the first time that this kind of music has been added to the kitchen chores. Take a look at the Sing Along Tongs. These tongs have been designed to resemble a microphone. When both sides are put together, the tongs take the complete shape of a microphone allowing you to lift your delicacies with a piece of music. Or how about the Hip Hopsicles ice trays. There is even a set of guitar toothpicks, which can pick snacks rather than the guitar. Set your parties rocking with music even in the food.

The Flipper Guitar Spatulas give variety to your kitchen. With every flip you can see the notes flying high in the air. These beautiful pieces are completely dishwasher safe and can withstand heat up to 500 degree Celsius. Made from 100 per cent silicone, they set the party rocking right from the kitchen to the table. Choose your colors, red or black, or even better would be both, and let the music begin. Each spatula is priced at $9.99.

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