i-Mo Resonance Speakers are Small but Powerful

Speakers have long broken the confines of being traditional and boring. You can get speakers in any shape that you want and in any color that you desire. But what makes i-Mo Resonance Speakers different is their ability to turn anything that they are placed on into a speaker. Amazing isn’t it? Amazing is the only word that can describe i-Mo.

The resonance speakers are sure to bring in a change in the audio world with their revolutionary design and adorable looks. These surface Vibration Resonance Speakers do not produce much sound themselves unlike the normal speakers, but when they are placed on a hard-surface like a wooden table, floors etc. they force vibrations to travel to the surface they are placed on and give rise to a unique sound experience altogether.

i Mo Speakers 1

i-Mo’s  small design makes it possible to not just accommodate it in any space whether big or small but also to carry it anywhere. It has a 2GB memory which enables you to store all your favorite songs and play them whenever you want. With FM radio also an addition to the device, you can make the most of the local radio stations as well. It also has a built-in Mp3 player and the device can be connected to your cellphone, iPhone, iPod, iPad, PSP, NDS, or any other 3.5 mm audio devices.

i Mo Speakers 2

i Mo Speakers 3

The small horns on the speaker can be used to change volume or the song. The speakers can be placed on any hard surface like glass, metal, wood, marble and even plastic. Different surfaces might change the way the sound is produced by the speaker but since it has a very loud and clear bass system, the surface will have a negligible effect on the sound quality. i-Mo comes with a 3.5mm audio and USB cable, Power adapter and a manual CD.

i Mo Speakers 4

There is a wide range of speakers that are available to a consumer in the market and each product promises to provide something extra to the user. i-Mo has maybe a couple of  new things that anyone who buys it can look forward to, but its design and compact style makes up for anything that it might lack. The ability to be a small speaker itself and to drive strong vibrations into anything  to create surround sound is exquisite. People for whom practicality and enjoyment goes hand-in-hand, i-Mo should be the next purchase on the list. It can be found for only $45.50.

i Mo Speakers 5

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