Hi-Sun : A Multi-Tasking Beach Towel with Speakers

We all know what a beach towel is, it’s a brightly colored cloth which is an essential part of our luggage when we’re going vacationing on a beach. What it isn’t, however, is an entertaining device which can be used for anything else apart from spreading on the sand to lie down or wiping ourselves. But then again we are talking about an ordinary beach towel which desires to be much more.  hi-Sun however strives to be different and more than just a beach towel.

With multi-tasking paving the way for the future, a beach towel is something that also can be experimented with. And hi-Sun is the result of one such experiment. Breaking away from the mold of an ordinary towel, hi-sun is every beach lover’s and camper’s dream realized. Apart from being a towel, hi-Sun is also a backpack which comes equipped with a pair of speakers.

Hi Sun 4

Very often a trip to the beach involves carrying a big load of things like towel, a bag for the towel, Mp3 player, earphones etc. What hi-sun does is that it eliminates all the other things to make your trip more convenient and of course much lighter. You can spread hi-sun on the lounge chair or sand to lie down and along with that it has speakers which are attached to a small pillow-like casing on which you can lay down your head. The speakers come with 3.5mm universal point with which you can plug-in your iPhone, iPod or any other player which has a 3.5mm universal jack.

Hi Sun 1

The amplified speakers can be easily recharged through an integrated USB port and have a longer lasting lithium battery which enables you to play your favorite music for hours without stopping to change the battery. So that means uninterrupted quality entertainment and that too without the fuss of carrying spare batteries. The good thing about this towel is that it can be washed whenever you want without damaging the speakers which are removable. The towel can be stowed away easily as it folds into a neat and compact camping bag. It is made from 100% cotton and comes in colors red, blue, black and pink.

Hi Sun 3

Though beach lovers will rejoice at the idea of this invention, some might be a little skeptical to pay more money for just a towel that they can buy for less than half the price. But whatever anyone’s opinion might be, hi-sun is sure to win hearts all over by being so much more than just an ordinary beach towel.

Hi Sun 2

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