Upside Down Cooking Guide Apron: Apron and Cookbook!

When you think of cooking, you can’t help thinking of a fluffy, useful, traditional, white apron that a chef or homemaker, or anyone in the food industry cannot do without! The Upside Down Apron Cooking Guide is an apron, which apart from performing the regular functions has one very vital feature that transforms the apron from useful to being brilliant efficiency.Upside Down Apron Cooking Guide

If you look at the apron, at first glance it looks like any regular apron. But once your eyes travel to the bottom of the apron you will see a wonderful set of cooking instructions printed upside down, for the user to read it the right side up. This wonderful apron actually acts like a cookbook with loads of instructions, information, and useful tips like a liquid conversion chart, chicken and turkey roasting guide, dry goods conversion chart, common measurement abbreviations, poultry defrosting table, temperature conversion chart, cooking times for boiling, roasting, microwaving, and steaming common ingredients, freezer lifespan table, spaghetti serving size guide, steak finger test, rice, butter, and egg charts, and a cooking terms glossary. The apron comes in natural, unbleached cotton; with soft, thick straps rendering it so comfortable it’s probably even good enough to sleep in and has a wonderfully large pocket on the front to put those odds and ends. It is indeed attractive like the Digital Weighing Scale.

Gone are the days when you need that blessed cookbook as your cooking bible. At just under $30 you can solve those common cooking conundrums with the Upside Down Apron Cooking Guide instead! And to have some fun along, the Puzzle Cutting Board should do the job.