The 30-day Nail Art Diary

Summer is a very colorful season. One of the ways to show your colorfulness to the world is by your nails. Nail art is a fun way to show the real you. One SF blogger took it to the next level when she documented a 30-day nail art diary.

Margot Bookspan of MSB chic is a San-Francisco blogger who created a 30-day nail art diary where you can see pictures of her creations and instructions for DIY. There’s a reason why it’s called “Nail Art”- you have to be a true artist in order to rock these looks!

Here are 5 of my favorites nail art designs from Margot:

Day 1- Moroccan Mani

It’s funny where we get our inspirations from. The inspiration for the Moroccan Mani nail art design was actually a Moroccan-themed staircase.

nail art













Day 5- Watercolor Nails

Inspired from Paper Fashion‘s animated GIF, Margot decided to go on a watercolor manicure. The way she did it is so simple! Start with a white base, choose 4 more colors, create dots on the digits and scramble with a paintbrush dipped in acetone.

nail art 2

Day 15- Caviar nails

The caviar nails look very pretty but be aware- the pearls leave their mark all over the place, so if you’re ready to give it up after 1 day-go for it!

nail art 3














Day 21- Graffiti tips

The Graffiti tips nail art is a bit edgy and even futuristic. This design was created with a straw and some metallic nail polish.

nail art 4














Day 29- Confetti nails

The Confetti nails are great for a festive event. It’s a very fun nail art that starts with a blue base and finishes with a fairy tale glitter.

nail art 5