5 Time-Saving Thanksgiving Kitchen Gadgets

If you’re the host for the traditional thanksgiving dinner, things can get a bit crazy around the kitchen and you fell like you have 1000 things to do: check the turkey, bake a pie, prepare the mashed potatoes, check the turkey again…

Kitchen gadgets can sometimes make your life in the kitchen easier and save you a-lot of time. Here are some awesome time-saving kitchen gadgets for thanksgiving that will help you prepare the thanksgiving dinner and stay insane 🙂

Talking Thermometer

If you hosted thanksgiving dinner before you know that the turkey should be checked every few minutes to see if it’s cooking on the right temperature, which means you have to leave your guests every time you go to the kitchen. This talking thermometer has wireless display so it can be right next to you and give you updates on the cooking process! So now you don’t have to run back and forth to the kitchen, you can keep sitting with your guests and get up only when the turkey is done. You can get this talking thermometer from Oregon Scientific here.



SensorFreshQ Meat and Poultry freshness detector

When you’re the host of a big dinner, you want your guests to enjoy the food you serve and of course stay healthy after they eat it. The SensorFreshQ will make it really easy for you to check the freshness of your meat or turkey.


Non-Contact infrared Thermometer

Instead of burning your fingers, trying to stuck a thermometer inside your turkey, try this non-contact thermometer by ThermoHawk. This thermometer allows you to instantly and accurately check surface temperatures at the touch of a button. Price: 34.99$. Get it here.


Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

Ok so the turkey is ready and now it’s time to cut it! This cordless electric fillet knife by Rapala will make cutting the turkey really easy and safe. Price: 89.99$. get it here.


Pie Maker

Pie is the traditional thanksgiving dessert. Make your thanksgiving cherry or pumpkin pie with Breville Pie Maker. With this pie maker you can make up to 4 of your favorite pies simultaneously! Price: 79.95$ at Williams-Sonoma.