15 Crazy Rug Designs

A home is not called a home unless it has the necessary requisites which make it presentable, comfortable, and attractive. When one thinks about the living room of a house, there are few things that are must to make it look like a living room. And one such thing is the rug.

Needless to say, a rug is something that improves the whole look and feel of the room. Moreover, it is one thing which is not dependent on the design or structure of the room and thus can be customized according to one’s own wish and taste. In this article we have brought to you some of the most amazing looking rugs which one can use according to his or her interest, style, and personality. Have a look and I bet you will be charmed.

Sajjadah 1426

Sajjadah 1426 is a result of a beautiful design and excellent technology. Soner Ozenc has designed this illuminated prayer rug that will glow and also let people know if they heading in the direction of Mecca. However, the best part is when the rug is shifted in the correct direction and the glow begins to increase.

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Shaggy Rug

Shaggy Rug, which is yet a concept, serves the purpose of a rug as well as a weighing scale. Due to its soft base, it might appeal to most of you (considering the regular weighing scales with hard metal base). What’s more? The rug not only tweets your weight but gives an idea about your previous and targeted numbers too.

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Alienskin Rug

Now here is a rug design that not only decorates your room but also helps you find your way in the dark. Bob Basset’s Alienskin Rug glows in the dark. However, I am also of the opinion that the rug will make an excellent prop to create the ‘thrill’ factor when you are watching alien movies. By any chance, do you plan to watch ET soon?

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Geometric Rug

Geometric Rug is an outstanding creation by Elisa Storyzk. However, when it comes to the core function of the rug I doubt if it will be comfortable. Elisa has developed this design by using wood veneer and textile as a backing. I agree it is an incredible art that depicts a combination of hard surface and fluid movement. I don’t think it will find many buyers.

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Giant Keyboard Rug

We have our individual computer related woes – some due to the monitor and others due to the keyboard. Focusing on those times, it gets bit irritating to use the small-sized keys. How does one solve the issue? Maybe you can use this Giant Keyboard Rug designed by Maurin Donneaud. I think it can be a great form of exercise for your feet too!

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Star Wars Wampa Rug

This is an adorable and cozy rug you will love to have in your homes. Those who don’t know, Star Wars Wampa Rug is inspired from the sc-fi character itself. Thus, it includes snowy fur, curved horns, and a wide, toothy grin in its design. However, if you are a Star Wars fan, don’t think twice to get one – as this rug marks the 30th anniversary of the sci-fi sequel and so will be a great collectible.


Racing tracks and cars have been an inseparable part of our childhoods. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to get to enjoy the fun once more? Yes, Miles (if it was available), which is Racetrack Rug manufactured using wool, is one such rug design that lets you get cars out of your mini junkyard and explore the rough terrains all over again!

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Geeky Dot Com Rug

There are innumerable ways for making your room colorful but how about something that defines your personality too? Why not have this Geeky Dot Com Rug in your room? It might help you explain your enthusiasm towards the digital world to your parents and will also make the room vibrant.

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Colorful Keyboard Rug

Unlike the Giant Keyboard Rug, this rug design serves a single purpose. It doesn’t function like a keyboard but has a bright look. With two QWERTY keyboard designs on the rug, Colorful Keyboard Rug will be a cool home décor item for children. You can keep it for yourself or gift it to your friends.

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Racoon Mario Rug

Playing Mario games was great fun as a child, but now with fabulous Mario collectibles available you get a chance to relive those days! One such Mario collectible is Racoon Mario Rug. It took 15 days in all, for the creator to make this rug out of 360 separate squares. Without any doubt, a lot of hard work goes inside to make it look wonderful!

Pac-Man Rug

The next time you are set to play Pacman game, you might have to use your feet. Wouldn’t it be great? Don’t be shocked as I am talking about this artistic Pac-Man Rug made in Portugal using 100% wool. Though it is expensive, I m sure even a 30 year-old will enjoy playing it.

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NES Controller Rug

Are you a game freak and does Nintendo increase your excitement? If yes, add this NES Controller Rug in your list of home decor items. Made out of silky soft yarn, this rug is perfect for a person who spends hours playing PlayStation games.

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Space Invaders Rug

Turkish Rugs have been popular all over the world. But do you know how you could make it more creative? Use the rug as a background for playing Space Invaders through PS2. Exciting, isn’t it? Take a look at this amazing Space Invaders Rug by Polish artist Janek Simon and you will understand what I intend to say.

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Scrabble Rug

What do you generally do in your leisure time? I love to play Scrabble. In fact, I have been eyeing this Scrabble Rug since a long time. The only deterrent is its size. It’s too huge for a small room but definitely looks incredible (at least if you are a scrabble fan).

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Monster Pelt Rug

I don’t know what was on Joshua Ben Longo’s mind when he was up to designing this Monster Pelt Rug. First, it doesn’t look monstrous from any angle. In fact, I am wondering how it will help me decorate my room. I had rather loved to see some design based on petals.

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