10 Geeky Floor Mats

Your home is your castle, so naturally you want your home to reflect the real YOU. If the real you is an awesome geeky girl, you may be interested in one of these cool, funny geeky entrance mats, which will make your guests come in into your house with a smile 🙂

There’s No Place Like Door/Floor Mat

This mat will definitely let visitors know what kind of person they are about to meet even before entering the house. If you’re a computer geek who really loves IPs, this one is definitely the mat for you 🙂 Get it at ThinkGeek for 39.99$.

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Cassette Door/Floor Mat

If you were born in the 80’s and were a teenager in the 90’s, this cassette door mat definitely brings up some old memories because it looks just like a K7 tape! The best thing about this cassette mat is that it never needs winding with a pencil 🙂 Get it at ThinkGeek for 49.99$.

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Welcome In Binary Floor/Door Mat

This stylish looking mat is really just the phrase “Welcome’ encoded in binary. Your ordinary friends who doesn’t know much about encoding, will think it’s cool, funky, retro pattern. But the ones who can actually decode this message will laugh out loud before they will enter your house. This is actually a win-win situation, a mat which looks awesome to everyone! Get it at ThinkGeek for 49.99$.

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Mario Bros Floor Mats

These Mario Bros floor mats will brighten up your geeky apartment. Every floor tile measures 40cm x 40cm and costs 30.90$. If you’re a true Mario Bros fan and you have some extra money, you can even cover your entire floor with these mats. Get it at NCSX.

I See Nerds Floor Mat

If you’re a geeky and stylish college student this one’s for you. This Student Lounge doormat is fun and fashionable. This mat will add a witty look to your apartment or dorm room decor. Get it at Kohls.

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 “Command O” Floor Mat

A powerful shortcut happens when you push the  “command” and “o” keys on your keyboard. This shortcut allows opening files in different programs and speeding up your computer tasks. This “command O” floor mat is very symbolic because it “opens” your path to real life (aka your home). Get it at Meninos for 69/99$.

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Enter/Esc Keyboard Keys Foor Mats

This idea is absolutely genius and so creative! The owner of the cupquake blog  made it herself and added a tutorial video that explains how to DIY.

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Star Sars Yoda Floor Mat

This one is for all you “Star Wars” fans out-there. Show your real geeky side with this Yoda floor met which greets your guests in a typical Yoda way.Get this at damngooddoormats for 50$.

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Slide to Unlock Floor Mat

We didn’t forget the Apple lovers, this awesome “Slide to unlock” floor mat is the one for you! You can try to unlock your house with this mat but it would probably not work. Still, it’s very cool 🙂 Get it at Meninos for 49.90$.

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