Gameboy iPad Sleeve: Apple Has Some Tricks Up Its Sleeve!

With Apple and its iPad, and Nintendo with its incomparable Gameboy, geeks must have had the hardest time picking a favorite. Well, you won’t have to ever worry about that again.

The Gameboy iPad Sleeve, designed by Apple is a combination of these two great masterpieces and is super geeky, cute and creative.

Gameboy iPad Sleeve 2

When Apple decided to ape the creation that gave us classics like Tetris and Super Mario Bros., they gave to live up to some pretty high standards which explains why this sleeve just doesn’t look good, but feels incredible too. The sleeve looks like an enlarged Gameboy and obviously the similarity does not just end there. It has a stunning dove grey coloured screen, a gorgeous black keypad, A and B buttons and start and select buttons. And you will never have to worry about this Gameboy losing any of these cool buttons because the entire sleeve is stitched with a sewing machine.

On the inside, there is a soft layer of felt and the craftsmanship is so excellent that not even a seam is visible; ensuring that your iPad will glide in as safely as a Gameboy cartridge! Apple promises that the Gameboy iPad  Sleeve provides the best protection your precious iPad could need and will keep your iPad  cozy as it has not just one but two layers of felt!  And this replica of your favourite geeky gadget is just 34$! MacView Concept might be the next gadget you are looking for.

Gameboy iPad Sleeve

So, buy the iPad sleeve and revel in the fact that Gameboy is iPad compatible! MacBook Decal is one more Apple accessory.