The Sony VAIO Laptops with Crocodile Skin

It’s all about how it makes you feel…and especially with these Crocodile Skin sony Laptops, it just makes a lot of sense and fashion for many Women!

sony vaio laptops for women

Sony VAIO laptops have always been slightly over rated if I may say so, being a Vaio owner myself, but there is something about the brand that makes you feel good. My Sony Vaio Notebook is a simple black laptop, which to me looks like a large black biscuit, if only it came in chocolate I would have eaten it all up.

crocodile skin sony vaio laptops

Guys out there make a huge fuss about women and gadgets but believe me girls if there is any gadget which suits the women folk, it’s laptops.┬áNow for all you fashion fans out there, Sony Vaio brings you laptops with Crocodile skin in three colors! It gives you that look and feel of leather which though most of us do not admit, we do like.

It may not be as innovative as the HP Laptop Designs for Women we seen before, but this one isn’t a concept but a true product.

Via : Geniusbeauty