Facial Spa Mask in Hot Pink

Some could only dream of going to a day spa for a day of relaxation and beauty, but with the costs and time constraints, it isn’t as easy as Women wish. That is why such portable products as this Facial Spa mask are a great alternative for those looking to try something at home and still remain close to Pink fashion.

pink facial spa mask

The Facial Spa Mask is an Aluminum/Polyester mask that allows you the joy of a personal steam spa at home. The Spa mask fits around your face and is fastened easily with a velcro strap, so removal is easy and no difficult constraints are made.

With 15 minute increments, any Woman could have a miniature Spa facial while at the comfort of her home, but remember to not overdo it.

It runs for only $17 at Japan Trend Shop and as can be seen, could be easily stored and cleaned. Along with the Nail Clipper Magnifier, you could have a whole day of pampering all right at home.

Via: RandomGoodStuff