Star Wars Kitchenware

Are you a Star Wars fan? Well I am, and I’m always happy to see new Star Wars products. If you also love to cook, or even just love to eat, you will definitely want these Star wars Kitchenware in your kitchen. Vader Toaster? R2D2 trashcan? We’ve got it all here! come and take a look

Vader Toaster

Although Darth Vader is an evil character, we still love him because we all know he has some good inside him. If you want Darth-Vader in your kitchen, you can even get him on your toast (Believe it or not!).











R2D2 Trash Can

I really love R2D2 and it’s a little hard for me to think of him as a trash can, because he is so much more than that, but… it’s still so cool!















Princess Leia Apron

This Halloween my costume is Princess Leia. It can actually be a great idea to have a princess Leia apron in the kitchen so you could dress like her all the time (and with this apron. also have a killer body!).






















R2D2 Soy Sauce Bottle

After we saw him as a trash can, now it’s time for R2D2 to be a… Soy Sauce Bottle 🙂 This bottle can hold a-lot of soy sauce! I wonder if R2D2 even likes Asian food…















Light Saber Chopsticks

Let’s continue with another Asian food accessory:  Light saber chopsticks. Eat your favorite Sushi or noodles using these awesome chopsticks and you could feel like a real Jedi. Fun suggestion: eat along with a friend and after you can have a chopsticks battle 🙂

 Star Wars Pancake Molds

Ever wanted your Pancake to look like Darth-Vader, Master Yoda or a Storm trooper? If so, you are very lucky, now you can get these Star Wars Pancake Molds from Wiliam Sonoma. Have a great breakfast, and may the force be with you all day long!
















Star Wars Cupcake Stencils

Be a Jedi Master Chef with these Star Wars cupcake stencils and all your favorite Star Wars characters’ images can appear on top of your cupcake.














‘Space Slug’ Oven Mitt

This ‘Spce Slug’ oven mitt, from the movie “The empire strikes again” will make you feel very cool when you hold very hot objects!














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