Get Ready For Winter With Pacman Ghost Hat & Scarf Set

It’s getting pretty cold outside so this is the perfect time to start preparing for winter. If you’re a vintage video games fan, we have the perfect winter accessories for you: a Pacman ghost crochet hat and scarf set.























The Great thing about this set is that it’s being custom made by UrbanPrincess at Etsy, so you can be sure you won’t see anyone with the same scarf or hat as yours. In the above picture you can see the orange ghost from Pacma, “Clyde”,  but as I’ve mentioned, the hat and scarf are being individually made you can choose the color that you love for your own ghost hat 🙂 This set can also be a great gift idea for video games lovers or just unique nostalgic individuals.


















This Pacman Scarf is 5 ½” wide & 78” Long, and will cost you 150$. The Pacman ghost hat will cost you 40$.

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