Swiss Knife USB Charger

Every lady who likes gadgets knows that sometimes you can get lost with all the USB cords. This new USB utility charge tool will put your mess in order and will make things less complicated. the best thing about it is that it looks like a Swiss knife so it’s really small and can go easily in your pocket.

utility charge usb

When I know I’ll be out of the house for a long time I just hate to take the iPhone charger inside my purse because it just makes a mess in everything I have inside. The USB utility charge tool is a great solution, especially for those of you who have more than one gadget/electric device.  A Swiss knife always gets you out of trouble, and so does this tool that looks just like a Swiss knife (much cuter though).

The USB utility charge tool has four prongs that can be flipped out like you would with a Swiss Knife. There’s a standard USB extension for charging, along with Micro USB, Mini USB, and 30-pin connectors. All you need to do is plug it into your computer’s USB drive, attach your gadgets, and charge away.

You can get the USB utility charge tool for $20 at FredFlare.

utility charge usb 2

Via: GizmoDiva