The Best iPhone 5 Cases for The Geeky Gal

iPhone 5 has arrived to the stores a few months ago so if you bought it or planning to buy it, you will need an awesome geeky case for it. There are so many cases for iPhones it’s crazy. Here are some geek girl cases you’d probably love!

Wonder Woman iPhone 5 case

Protect your iPhone 5, and tell the world you’re a strong woman with this wonder woman case for iPhone 5.  This sleek and lightweight case is the perfect way to show off your custom style. Get it for 47.95$ at Zazzle.

Vintage Calculator iPhone 5 Case

Remember the days we used real calculators,m and not our cell phones, to do our math? Well if you miss those days or you just love numbers, you’d love this vintage calculator iPhone 5 case. The best thing about this case is that you can add your name on it when you order online. Get it for 47.90$ at Zazzle.

hello kitty iDress jewelry iphone 5 case


There’s not much more to say about Hello kitty. You can find this beautiful hello kitty iDress jewelry iPhone 5 case, and many more at Strapya world.

Pink Monster iPhone 5 case

Dress up your iPhone as a Pink cute monster. This iPhone 5 case is made from Silicon and you can get it for 19.99$ at SwitchEasy.

Lanyard iphone 5 case

The best thing about this Lanyard iPhone 5 case (except of the color of course) is the fact that it has metal clip for phone charm attachment. Get it for 24.99$ at SwitchEasy.

 Geek Girl iPhone 5 case

This geek girl iPhone 5 case is so stylish and arty, I love it! This case was designed by Tiffany Atkin and you can get it for 35$ at her website.

Star Wars Princess Leia iPhone 5 case

There’s no doubt princess Leia is one of the most powerful woman in Sci-fi history. This super cool Princess Leia iPhone 5 case present Leia in a different way. I personally thinks it looks great. If  you look close you could even see R2D2 reflecting on Leia’s sunglasses. The case was designed by Tom Brodie-Browne and you can get it for 15$ from his website.

 Woman Blouse iPhoe 5 case

This woman blouse iphone 5 case is super unique and stylish. This is actually a customized case because you can choose the color case that you like. Get it for 16$ at Etsy.

 Fashion Cat Iphone 5 Case

This Fashion Cat Iphone 5 Case is great for cat loving woman who also wants stylish case for their iPhone. you can get this case for 11.94$ at CustomDropShipping.

Pink Pac Man iPhone 5 case

We all love Pac man, and when it’s pink and on our iPhone we love it even more! Get it for 3.72$ at eBay.

I hope this post gave you some ideas for your new iPhone 5!