8 Gadgets For Your Bathroom and Shower

Taking a shower can sometimes be the best part of your day, so why not enhance your shower experience with really cool gadgets? These cool gadgets for your shower and bathroom will make you want to stay there for a while 🙂

The Color Phasing Shower Light

Have you ever went in the shower and the water were too damn cold or hot? with this color phasing shower light it will never happen to you again! Temperature changes from green (when the temperature is less than 32C) to red (at more than 45C). The phasing colors in between are blue, orange, purple and pink. Get it at iwantoneofthose for £34.03.

Moving Color Color-Changing Tiles

After the color changing shower it’s time for color changing tiles! This awesome tiles change their color when they come into contact with water. Get it at MovingColor.

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Shower Squid Octopus Caddy

This is a very cool and innovative squid for the shower. This shower squid octopus caddy features eight adjustable grippy arms that keep all your necessities right where you need them. You can even put your shampoo bottle upside down in one of the arms so you don’t even need to take it out when you need it, just squeeze. Get it for 33$ at Amazon.

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Utility Shower Curtain

This utility shower curtain is wonderful for small bathrooms because it features built-in storage components. On the inside you’ll find four large self-draining pockets, capable of storing Shampoo/conditioner/soap bottles and 2 small loops to accommodate various sizes of toothbrushes and razors. On the outside there are loops for hanging towels. This gadget will save you a-lot of space! Get it for 40$ at WinterCheckFactory.

 Aqua Notes – Waterproof Notepad

Have you ever had a great idea or suddenly remembered you had to do something important, while you were showering? Well, with this waterproof notepad you can organize thoughts and tasks for the day ahead, leave messages in the shower for roommates/loved on, or draw, sketch, or doodle in the shower! Get it for 8.45$ at Amazon.

Toothpaste dispenser

If you’re really lazy, this could be a good gadget for you. With this toothpaste dispenser you don’t need to open the toothpaste tube, close it and put it back in place, you just need to squeeze the toothpaste tube!Get it for 8.49$ at Amazon.

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Slip No More Banana Shower Grips

Normally you wouldn’t stand on banana peels to prevent yourself from slipping, but these slip no more banana shower grips will make your shower safer.Just peel these bananas and apply them to the floor of your bathtub or shower. Get it at Caboodle.

Glass Toothbrush Holders

Canadian glass artist and designer Brad Turner, has created a series of glass toothbrush holders. These toothbrush holders are made of glass material, with cool shapes and attractive colors. It’s not really a gadget but it looks like a beautiful addition to your bathroom. Get it at Brad Turner’s site.

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