8 Too Beautiful To Eat Cupcakes

Cupcakes are simply tiny cakes with a little extra icing, which you can get in many different colors, shapes and tastes. It seems that today bakeries are constantly trying to take the simple cupcake a new levels and be inventive and creative when it comes to making those little cakes and the results that you get amazing looking cupcakes that are too beautiful to eat since they look like a work of art. Yes I know that if we were near such a cupcake, most chances we’d eat it anyway but still 🙂

 1. The golden Phoenix Cupcake

It isn’t much of a surprise that you can find this unique and golden cupcake in Dubai. This cupcake is the most expensive cupcake in the world. It’s crafted with Italian chocolate, vanilla beans from Uganda and strawberries dipped in edible gold. Coated in edible 23 carat gold sheets and priced at 1007$. the Golden Phoenix cupcake is available at Bloomsbury’s in Dubai Mall, in case you have some extra money in your pockets.


2. Roses Cupcakes

Check out these amazing looking roses cupcake,  it seems that someone spent a lot of time carving those real life looking petals. The roses are made out of fondant and the result are these beautiful cupcakes. Read more on Barkella.

3. Enchanted Forest Cupcakes

Wow!!! I’ve never seen anything like this.You can find some more amazing cupcakes in this website: cupcake delights, where you can actually order cupcakes for special events.

4. Fairytale cupcakes

I called these “Fairytale Cupcakes” because that’s exactly how they look… cupcakes you’d give to a princess.

5. Pretty in pink cupcake

I found this beautiful cupcake in this beautiful blog Pink cake boy. This cupcake is topped with a pink fondant bow and covered in a polka dot cupcake wrapper.


6. Gold Medallion & Orchid Designer Cupcakes

These are also taken from the “Pink cake boy” blog.


7. The $50 Cupcake: The Caketress

Lori Hutchinson (a.k.a. The Caketress) was named Canadian Cake Designer of 2008and she’s responsible for this pleated white chocolate ruffles, sugar cameo and edible gold dust application cupcake, and so many other beautiful cupcakes and cakes. Her cupcakes are 50$ a piece.


8. Apple-Cardamom white chocolate cupcake

The wicked little cake company by Jamie Ho is responsible for this beauty. This is an apple-cardamom cupcake, with supple cinnamon cream cheese frosting and chic white chocolate rose. The spiced cake core is surrounded by a white chocolate wrapper that’s elegantly finished with 24-karat gold, edible petal dust and silver dragées.