Unique & Cool Alarm Clocks

If you are like me you hate waking up to the sounds of your alarm clock, the funny thing about it, is that as the time passes by you learn to hate the sound that makes you get up in the morning, it can be the most beautiful tone/song but once you associate it with waking up you just hate that sound!

Most of us just use our smart-phones to wake up, but more and more researches prove that placing your phone next to you especially next to your head can be very dangerous. So, I think its time to go back a bit in time and start using the old fashion alarm clock, but since here on Gagether we do everything in a geeky chic style check out some of these cool and unique alarm clocks.

Gun Alarm Clock

If you feel like surprising your men or if you are kind of a tomboy yourself this cool alarm clock is the best alarm clock for you. I have a feeling that  blasting the alarm into silence with this  infrared Gun can be pretty awesome. This cool clock retails for $22.82


 Robot Clock On Wheels

Star wars fans will love this next clock, since it sounds like R2D2, yeah!  Another awesome feature thing about this clock is that once you hit the snooze button it starts to jump around in your room to get your attention to wake up, pretty neat. For more details about this roboclock go here.

 Dumbbell Weights Alarm Clock

This next clock will not just wake you up it will give you a small morning workout while you are at it.

Designed by Yuk Wang this digital LCD clock display will  switches from normal alarm mode to 30-rep mode, tha’ts right, you gotta do 30 bicep curls before achieving silence. Via

Flying Saucer Magic LED Alarm Clock


This saucer clock retails for $16.99

Rubik’s Cube Alarm Clock

This alarm clock will wake you up 80’s style. Bring some old school feel to your desktop with this Rubik’s Cube alarm clock. This multifunction clock will not just wake you up, it will give you the time of course, along with a calendar display and temperature, pretty sweet. This retro looking alarm clock retails for $22.99.

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