Christian Louboutin’s 150 Spike Embellished Leather Pumps

Ah… Christian Louboutin- one of the biggest names in fashion brings us these Lady Peep 150 spike-embellished metallic leather pumps. No way you show up with these pumps without being noticed!





















The beautiful pair of pumps has lots of gold spikes, an open round toe, and of course the signature red leather sole of Christian Louboutin. Beware because with these pumps you will need to walk on heels that measure approximately 150mm/ 6 inches (the leather platforms should help you do that).




















And now for the less fun part- the price. Well we’re talking about Christian Louboutin Pumps so I guess you know pretty much what to expect. In order to have these babies you will have to say goodbye to $1,895. Available at Net-A-Porter.




























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