Some Weird yet Funky Shoes from Barbara I Gongini

We all love designer shoes don’t we? They are unique and bring along a style statement. Unfortunately, not many of the designer shoes today have variety. I mean most of them look more or less the same.

Some of them are adorned with pearls, some of them with crystals, and so on. But the uniqueness misses out. If you are someone who thinks that too, then here are some unique, bold, and trendy shoes from Danish designer Barbara I Gongini.

This pair you are seeing is a high-heel wear for ladies who like looking tall and bold. The spikes in the front and at the rear make the shoes look quite bewitching. The good part about this pair is that the spikes are balanced being on both the ends. If they were just in the front, I wonder how weird the shoes would have looked.

This one is a pair for guys for formal wearing I guess. The spikes have been attached on a pair of forma shoes so yes, they are formal wears. Now, this is the wear which makes gets me thinking – who would want to wear such stuff to work or in someone’s wedding?  I guess this pair was especially designed for Axle Rose. He is the only man who has the guts to carry off such stuff!

Here is another formal wear pair for guys. Again, the same pattern. In fact, these shoes look weirder than the first pair. But to be honest, I am starting to develop a likeness towards them. They for sure look of genuine leather and Viking-ish!

This is the last pair which thankfully doesn’t have any spikes. For ladies, this one is quite retro style. I would call them the poodle shoes! No offense meant. By calling them poodle shoes I don’t mean to say that they are not good. In fact they are real pretty if you talk in terms of being stylish. They for sure will turn many eyes towards your feet and I guess every girl would want that wouldn’t she?

Here are some other accessories from the designer…

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