Alien Heels

Let’s admit it, there are some movies that have left a mark on the way the movie industry works today. Movies like the Matrix, Terminator 2, Predators, and of course, the Aliens franchise. It is always great to see stuff from such movies being brought into the real life. Unfortunately, not everything that has been brought into reality from movies works well down here. But, some of the things are actually mind-blowing. And, these Alien Heels are of such things! The shoes were designed long time back by the late designer Alexander McQueen. Well, yes that’s a bit of a sad story because you won’t be able to buy them today. Oh, and I forgot to mention that these shoes were just a one-off production so well, yes they are out of stock! Or, a much better way of putting it would be that THEY WERE NEVER in STOCK!!! Right now, I am wondering who’s the lucky person who has got his/her hands on these shoes. Honestly, they are not just any weird looking shoes for movie buffs, but they are actually pretty stylish and good looking. Imagine a slim tall lady wearing them on a nice gray or matte black skirt, wouldn’t that be the best sight of your life? For a while imagine, how appealing these shoes would look. I am sure if you had worn them in an occasion, all the guys would be looking at your legs! Now, if you are not the type who wants guys to look at her legs that’s fine but for most of them this trick would have worked. Sadly, the chance is now gone. The shoes are gone, and we don’t really know when the next pair will be produced. I mean, look at the carvings and look at those blue stones on the front part. They look utterly astonishing, and to be honest, I think these are one of the best shoes I have seen ever. Although I don’t usually like such shoes, these actually made me go all crazy. I would have loved to buy them but well, my bad… Check out some more unique shoes here: The Hand Made Shoes and The Adidas Originals 2011 Teddy Bears Collection. Via: Neatorama