Adidas Originals 2011 Teddy Bears Collection Look Cute on Shelf!

Teddy bears are popular all over the world because they are cuddly, soft, and they offer a lot of warmth and comfort to lonely souls. Adidas Originals 2011 Teddy Bears collection is an awesome ode to the good old teddy bears, and the name itself speaks volumes about the warmth and comfort the shoes will offer.

adidas originals teddy collection1

It does feel weird to see these teddy bears popping out of shoes, and they actually seem to be introducing comfortable pair of shoes for tired feet. But still, just like teddy bears themselves these shoes will look cool and cute more on a shelf than on legs.

adidas originals teddy collection2

Shoes and teddy bears don’t go well together for adults for they make shoes appear childish and baby soft. It is not specified whether these shoes are for kids but they seem more appropriate for soft feet. Moreover Adidas has been more of a sports shoes brand and these shoes don’t seem to be sturdy sports shoes.

adidas originals teddy collection3

If Adidas’ plan is to reach out wider section of people who are not into sports and fashion related to sports then these funky colorful teddy bears shoes collection may do the trick. The trick is to attract people by offering something new and different.

adidas originals teddy collection4

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Via: Fubiz