Gravity Defying Boots Add A Bounce To Your Steps

Something that I really wanted as a kid and haven’t stopped thinking about is my very own trampoline. The idea of having a trampoline in the middle of my room so I could have hours of fun jumping up and down on it was something that I thought would be incredibly cool. Perhaps buying myself a trampoline is a dumb idea because getting something that would simulate being on a trampoline sounds much better.

gravity defying boots design

The Gravity Defying Boots won’t help you climb the walls of your room and hang upside down like a bat from the ceiling but are still pretty wicked. The boots are fitted with a patented T-spring system that gives your steps a skip (even when you aren’t happy). Walking around in this will make it feel as though your legs have suddenly turned into a pogo stick. The boots are quite safe for kids and can be buckled up on athletic shoes. The adjustable straps  let multiple users enjoy the same pair of shoes.

The Gravity Defying Boots would be loads 0f fun for all ages but just remember to use this with appropriate safety gear, and make sure you are on dry level ground. The $70 boots from Hammacher will probably make you look like Humpty Dumpty bouncing along the road but it’s way too much fun to care about how you look. You probably shouldn’t leave this lying around because anything this awesome is liable to be stolen within seconds. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!