18 Weird Stiletto Designs

Not diamonds, but shoes are a girl’s best friend.”
This quote by author William Rossi has been used by fashionistas all around the world to celebrate the importance of shoes in every  girl’s life. Of all the women’s shoes, stilettos remain the most popular and the sought after. A pair of stilettos will not only boost a girl’s height but also her confidence and sexiness.

But these do not seem to be enough for some people. Some designers have tried to embed other features, ranging from a stereo system to flippers inside a stiletto. Some even tried to challenge the orthodox design, like making high heels without heels. Creative? Yes they are. But useful or not, the answer can only be judged through the eye of the beholder after seeing the list of the 18 weirdest stiletto designs below.

Stereo Stiletto Speakers

An invention to literally find music in every step you take, Jacob Mathew managed to stuff a novel 2.1 stereo system comprising of two 3-way stereo speakers inside a pair of stilettos. Coming with a subwoofer built in a leather purse. Stereo stiletto speakers seem to be perfect for a club hopper, no?

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Stilettos Cum Flippers

If you ever wonder which one is more useless, stilettos with an ugly top of flippers or flippers with beach- unfriendly heels, High Tide Heels has been introduced to solve your question by combining both of them. Congratulations to all fashion freaks around the world who want to look good even underwater.

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Heelless Stilettos

Question: How do you call a pair of high heels without heels?

No, it is not a blond question. The answer is actually “Stiletto Moody BARE Judy”. Even though they are good to look at, they are definitely not for those who love drinking, dancing, or anyone who is not very experienced at balancing herself.

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Computer Nerd Stilettos

In a vain attempt to draw computer nerds a little bit closer to women, Steven Rodrig made a pair of stilettos out of PCB (printed computer board) materials. Thank God he does not have any plans to commercialize the product.

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Police Woman High Heels

If you ever think that policewomen are too tough to be sexy, think again. With his talent, and probably his love for women as well, Modo illustrator Tim Cooper has successfully combined toughness and sexiness into a killer pair of stilettos which serves as both a policewoman’s high heels and a police car’s replica. Arrest me!

Lamborghini Gallardo Stilettos

There is a universal truth: if girls love heels, then guys love girls and cars. How about seeing your girl wearing your favorite car? Tim Cooper again blew the fashion world with the stunning design of a pair of stilettos that resemble Lamborghini Gallardo cars.

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Opel Agila City Stilettos

Lamborghini Gallardo is not the only inspiration for car stilettos collection. This time, Luca Stappers is the one who made the breakthrough with a pair of Opel Agile City Heels.

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Stiletto Motorcycle

If you find stilettos that resemble vehicles not impressive enough, here you have vehicles that resemble stilettos. A Roving Red Stiletto motorcycle was spotted in celebration of the new Marshalls Shoe Megashop stores in Palm Beach County, US.

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Air Jordan VIII Stiletto

It must be a shock to Nike to discover that their Air Jordan brand has been such a buzz that someone actually made stilettos out of it. A pair of Air Jordon VII with high heels is very likely to be one of Lady Gaga’s favorites.

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Fantasy Stilettos

Robert Tabor’s Sole Sensations collection does not need any comment on how creative or bizarre it is. His shoe sculptures resemble both daily and imaginative objects, ranging from a sandwich to a dragon. This pair of dragon-inspired stilettos above is called “Drag-On & On” and worth $1,500.

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The World’s Tallest Stilettos

At 16” high, this pair of red stilettos is officially the world’s tallest, and visually the world’s ugliest stilettos. The creation of these stilettos makes stilts redundant and neck insurance more necessary than ever.

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Skeletal Stilettos

The long-talked-about effect of high heels on one’s spine was visualized with DSquared Skeletal Stilettos Fall Winter 2010 Shoes Collection. DSquared earlier this year introduced a series of stilettos that feature heels that look like they are made from spinal columns.

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Statue-Heeled Stilettos

If part of the body under the heels are not cool, how about the whole body? This pair of weird shoes was in fact designed by John Galliano for Dior fashion house and worn by French actress Marion Cotillard. Who wants to bend that low to contemplate two little naked statues?

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Metal Stilettos

As if wearing 5” high heels itself is not painful enough, a pair of stilettos made entirely of metal was presented to guarantee pain in every step. This pair of stilettos also comes with two locks on each side, even though it remains unclear how one would use them.

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Hello Kitty Stiletto Phone

Hello Kitty, stilettos and phones, each of them alone is enough to make any girl scream in awe, not to mention all of them altogether. To make things worst, this Hello Kitty Stiletto Phone comes in irresistible baby pink! A bit of advice: If you want to bring it along, don’t answer any call on your first date!

Bow Stiletto Phone

If Hello Kitty is too childish for you, you might want to have a look at this super chic stiletto phone. This phone is colored in hot orange and black, with a cute small bow on top.

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Stiletto Cacti Planters

A great new way to recycle your worn out stilettos: turn them into cacti planters. If you do not know how, you can simply buy a new one from Giddy Spinster’s stiletto cacti planter collection. Even though they might not look fashionable, those stilettos will make spectacular cacti planters on your desks.

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Stiletto Plate

Here comes another new discovered use of stilettos: Food plates! Eating from something under your feet might give you an unforgettable experience. But try it with new stilettos only.

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