10 Geeky Girl Halloween Costumes Ideas

If you’re a female and you’re into gadgets, comic books, video games and the world of Sci-Fi film and TV you’re in the right place! We have some Halloween costumes ideas that you’d love!

Here are my top picks for Halloween costumes that will make you the center of the party.

Science Fiction

1. Princess Leia

She’s the ultimate fantasy princess if you’re a fan of Star Wars and we like that this costume turns her into an ass kicking heroine. You can get this costume here.

If your a bit braver, you can try this sexy version of the Princess Leia costume:

2. Neytiri from Avatar

Avatar heroine Neytiri is a great choice for geeky Sci-Fi fans this Halloween, What’s great about this costume is that you don’t need to smother yourself in blue body paint. get it here.

3. Cheetara from “Thunder Cats”

Heeere, kitty kitty kitty! This feisty feline will turn heads all over town this Halloween. Get it here.

Comics Figures

4. Wonder Woman

Defend your friends and family from the forces of evil or win first prize at the next costume party with this  Wonder Woman costume. Get it here.

5. Robin (Batman and Robin)

Become Batman’s sidekick with this Robin costume for women. Striking ensemble has everything you need to transform yourself into a crime fighter. Get it here.

6. Woman Captain America

She adds fashion and flare to her crime fighting wear! Become a superhero with this sexy Captain America female classic costume. Get it here.

Video Games

7. Super Mario

An awesome costume for the Super Mario Bross lovers! Find a partner to dress as Luigi and you’re all set! Get it here.

8. Pac Man Pinky Ghost

Pinky roams the maze – known as the speedy ambusher, ghost Pinky often tries to be in front of Pac-Man’s mouth. Get it here.

9. Angry Birds

Be a bombshell beauty while dropping bombs in our Sassy Black Angry Birds costume, and maybe you will find your dreamy green pig! Get it here.

10. Spider-Girl

Get ready for web-slinging action! Get ready to save the city when you swing into action this Halloween! Get it here.


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