Mischer’Traxler Automatic Cake Decorator: Perfect Cakes!

If you love making beautiful cakes or you simply don’t want to spend way too much on one of those expensive cakes, your cake making skills are in dire need of the Mischer’Traxler, ‘Till you Stop’ Automatic Cake Decorator!Mischer’Traxler Automatic Cake Decorator

Mischer’Traxler Automatic Cake Decorator 3

The Automatic Cake Decorator has been created by Katherina Mischer and Thomas Traxler in their Vienna-based studio and is part of a series of designs titled, ‘Til You Stop’. While the Decorator itself looks like a scientific apparatus, it actually consists of a rotating platform, icing gun, motor-run arm and silver dragées spout. The Automatic Cake Decorator works on a very simple, yet effective concept. It repeats a one production step, with the cake constantly rotating on the moving rotating arm in a beautiful, gorgeous petal-like pattern of icing, and through this wondrously fluid motion on the face of the cake, the result is a perfect petal decorated cake! When you think this cake just can’t get any more beautiful, silver edible balls are dispensed at regular intervals. There is also another process of decoration, which works in the same way, but it is much simpler if you would prefer a simple decoration. As a final touch, the mechanical arm drops sugar pearls across the cake’s surface. But remember, the Decorator continuously decorates, until stopped and once stopped can’t be started again! And for all those who need the Waffsicle Maker, this is a similar product.

Mischer’Traxler Automatic Cake Decorator 2

If the cakes you are making are not up to speed, the Automatic Cake Decorator is perfect to bring your cake making skills to the Martha Stewart levels!