Coffee Mug That Keeps Your Table Stains-Free

I’m a coaster girl, so my table usually stays clean after drinking cold or hot drinks. People who don’t use coasters often need to clean their table after drinking because there are stains left. The most annoying stains to clean are the ones of coffee and tea, because of the drips that may flow down the side of the coffee cup. Korean designer Kim Keun Ae has figured out a simple way to avoid this chore: The Drop Rest-Mug!

stain free coffee mug

















This cup is one of the things that makes you say: “How come I didn’t think about it?”, and that’s because it’s so simple. By inserting a small groove into the cup, the Drop Rest-Cup catches drips before they make it to the surface of your table or desk.

drop rest mug drop rest mug 2

Via Design Taxi