Creative Polaroid Camera TP Holder

Old, or better said “Vintage” is the “NEW” new, right? It seems that combining vintage or retro items in your house is simply the modern thing to do right now. If you want to add some of this retro looking trend to your home, this creative TP holder is the way to do so. This 80’s looking TP holder A.K.A POLA ROLL,  is in the shape of the famous Polaroid camera, you don’t have to be a photography fan in order to appreciate its’ chicness. Instead of pooping some cute pictures this camera will pop of course toilette paper. Polaroid camera tp holder creativeDon’t worry, this camera will not take pictures while you are in the bathroom 🙂 Available for 19,95 € get it here. For more TP related articles check out the Toilet-Paper-Holding iPad Stand,  Toilet Paper Puzzle and the Color By Numbers Toilet Paper.