20 Creative Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Life has its own little annoying problems with no solutions, like filling a container that doesn’t fit in the sink or a knot that just wouldn’t open! Most of the time we just don’t deal with these little problems because we think there’s no solutions… but there are! Here are some Creative Tips to make your life easier!

 How to find lost earrings?

How to open a stubborn knot?

How to make a great sandwich?

 How to keep pizza warm on the way home?

How to make pancakes without making a mess?

How to keep a straw inside your soda can?

How to keep cords organized in a box?

 How to fill a container that doesn’t fit in the sink?

 How to add things to your key ring without hurting your fingernails?

How to keep wrapping paper from unrolling?

 How to clear up hazy car headlights?

How to save space in your closet?

How to clean your shower head?

How to stop receiving marketing e-mails?

How to clean dust from your keyboard?

How to keep your cat from unrolling toilet paper?

How to evenly heat leftovers in the microwave?

How to keep pizza crust crunchy while heating in the microwave?

How to label power cords?

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How to put ice cubes in ice coffee without getting it watered out?