10 Awesome & Geeky Bras

A true geeky lady would want to be as geeky as it gets. Whether it’s a hello kitty, angry birds, star wars or mario bros bra, any of these Geeky bras will make you geekier and sexier. These geeky bras are truly awesome, and if you have a geeky spouse he’ll find these bras very very attractive as well 🙂

Copy-Paste bra

If you’re a true computer lover geek you must find this “copy-paste” bra awesome! Get it at Etsy for 30$.

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Facebook “Like” button bra

This bra can have 2 meanings: the first one- you really love your boobs, the second one- your spouse really loves your boobs. Either way-you win 🙂 This bra is hand painted and you can get it at Etsy for 30$.

Mario bros bra

If you just love Mario bros, this one’s for you. The cups on this bra are painted to look like a scene from Super Mario Brothers! Get it at Etsy for 50$.

Pac man bra

Here’s another one for you video games lovers. The classic pac man can be also on your bra! The best thing about this bra is that it glows in the dark! Get it at etsy for 29.99$.

Star wars bra

There can’t be a geeky post without star wars, so check out this cool Star Wars “The Ruffle Alliance” bra: Push-Up Bra with Star Wars Navy Block Pattern Fabric and White Ruffled Straps. Turn to the dark side of the force with geeky stylish bra 🙂 Get it at Etsy for 80$.

Ninja turtle Bra

Ok I must admit that although this is a very cute bra, it can be a bit weird for your spouse, who might feel like there’s another set of eyes watching him 🙂 Get this hand painted ninja turtle bra at Etsy for 40$.

Angry Birds Bra

This very cute bra features the red bird and green pig from everyone’s favorite game, Angry Birds.

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Hello Kitty Bra

This bra is very hot and sexy! It’s a red silk bra covered with swarvoksi crystals and patched with hello kitty. I actually didn’t think Hello kitty can be sexy but this bra proves the opposite. Get it at Etsy for 27$.

 I love dinosaurs Bra

I guess this bra says it all… If you’re interested in paleontology and dinosaurs you will find this bra very cool! This bra is hand painted and you can get it at etsy for 30$.

 Geeky Calculator BOOBIES Bra

Remember how in elementary school one of your friends asked you to type the numbers 5318008 in the calculator and then turned it upside down to find out you typed the word “BOOBIES”? haha! Well this bra has this joke all over it, which, admit it, is still funny even when you’re all grown up 🙂 Get it at etsy for 30$.