Easy Quick Jumper: Goodbye To Car Battery Hassles!

The last time I tried jump starting my car, I nearly blew up the battery. It had its positives though! My laziness took more prominence than logic and I vowed to never indulge in such misadventures again. Clearly, the joy of being tended to in this aspect is short-lived. In comes the Easy Quick Jumper and out flies the superficial apprehension. With this cigarette adapter jumper, loose jumper cables and the ensuing explosion  will be a thing of the past. The hood can stay shut and the common risks of jump starting a car the traditional way are now eliminated. You can conveniently forget the ‘reds’ and the ‘blacks’, since you just need to plug the two ends of the Easy Quick Jumper to the cigarette adapters of each car and switch on the functional engine for about 5-10 minutes.

easy quick jumper car

The Easy Quick Jumper turns a risky (if insensibly done), cumbersome procedure into a two minute ‘plug in and crank up’ job. Dump your jumper cables at home, as this handy cigarette adapter jumper is available for just $26. And if you’re still looking for more, try the Self Charge Auto Jumper that costs around $45. In the case of the latter, you wouldn’t need a second car, either! Finally, something to cheer about for hassled car owners.


Vat19 Via: Walyou