Hello Kitty PEZ Candy Set

It looks as if Hello Kitty is the flavor of the season. Every second thing I bump into has the smiling pink kitty on it and I just can’t ignore it. We earlier brought the Hello Kitty Camera which is cute as a button, and now it’s the PEZĀ  Set.

hello kitty pez candy dispenser

PEZ initially started with mint candies aimed at adult smokers to hide the post-smoking bad breath, but the company has branched out into fruit-flavored candies and PEZ dispensers with character heads. So obviously you could expect many coming forth and trying new possibilities with the PEZ heads.

hello kitty pez candy dispensers
Seems like Sanrio wanted its cat to be a part of the league too. The Pink Sanrio metal tote fits 4 dispensers of different colors and cute kitty heads. It has 6 rolls of candy and a candy bracelet too. It is recommended for children in the age group of 3 and above and available from Betty’s Attic for a price of $15.

hellp kitty candy pez dispenser