Introducing the Electronic Shopping Assistant: Making Shopping Easy

How many times has this occurred? Went grocery shopping, thought that all items were listed without fail, only to realize after returning home that a few items were still left out? This is a common happening, with everyone facing this sort of situation more than once, during their grocery shopping trip.

Which is why Opulent Items is marketing a voice activated shopping organizer to reduce the memory trouble of grocery shoppers. The device is an electronic contraption, powered by four AA batteries and contains a mounting kit – which includes a magnetic backside for fixing it to a fridge. SmartShopper – as the device is known, additionally, has the USP to either be held by hand or attached to a wall. All one needs to do while using the SmartShopper is to press the Recording button and verbalize the grocery items that need to be purchased into the gadget before finally confirming it on the Shopper’s LCD screen; thus making it easy for the user to physically visualize what he has listed and in case of any memory lapse, add the forgotten items to the list.

And since the SmartShopper has 2500 items already pre-programmed into its database, the user will have no problems listing out his specifications, as the SmartShopper will be able to clearly identify and tag the specified items. Furthermore, since the SmartShopper has a built-in printer, the user gets a hard copy of his shopping list with all the specified items listed under appropriate categories like vegetables, grains, dairy products, etc.  A detailed shopping list – just by the press of a few buttons; engineering science made simple indeed.

Additionally, if a user wants to add any new item onto this pre-programmed database, he can easily do so with the help of the given keypad. This means that the user does not have to worry about adding newer shopping items to the SmartShopper’s database. The engineering science applied makes it easy for inserting more items thus solving the most important query on the part of the user – the query of what will happen if the pre-programmed list does not contain an item that one wants to purchase?

As regards the query about the printing paper and ink, the users do not have to worry on that regard too. The device comes with three rolls of printing paper and since it uses thermal printing technology, it does not need ink to print out the shopping list. Also, if a user is worried about replenishing the printing paper once the three rolls are done, they need not be vexed on that count too. The said rolls of printing paper are available from Opulent Items, making it simple for the user to refill the printing paper rolls when required.

This viable yet unique shopping assistant is priced at US $75 and interested users can avail of the product by using Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or PayPal account thus making it simpler for the clients by providing four payment options.

SmartShopper is a perfect housewarming gift as in the hustle-bustle of trying to sort out packages and cartons; it is quite possible that one might tend to overlook certain commodities that are required to be purchased. This simple technological aid would help solve the unnecessary confusion and chaos and thereby, help the user to regulate his grocery shopping and thus save multiple trips to the supermarket.

SmartShopper is marketed across the world with the benefit, that interested customers do not have to pay sales tax – Florida Residents, however do have to pay sales tax. The shipping period is just around 5-7 days allowing the user to get acclimated to using the device within a week of ordering it and shipping is absolutely free, irrespective of a prospective user’s residency. Additionally, Opulent Items also provides the option of Express Shipping for the benefit of its customers, which will make acquiring the contraption even speedier.

The device also comes with a one year warranty and a 30-day return period in case any faults arise in the working of the contraption suddenly or the user is not feeling satisfied with the working of the device respectively. These measures, act as a security blanket not only for the prospective users but also for the company marketing the product as well. The above measures, rather than dissuade a potential user from buying this singular product will, on the contrary enforce belief that since the marketing company is providing so many workable options for the benefit of a user with so much sureness. There need not be any doubts pertaining to the actual working of the SmartShopper. After all, simplicity need not mean any hidden complexity attached. Appearances need not always be deceptive, sometimes they are as trustworthy as only trustworthy can be.

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