The Self-Watering Pot for the Plant Lovers

In the present day and age, not everyone can juggle an animal or a pet, but that does not chase away the yearning to have one. Plants, as against the common misconception, are plants are perfect pets too. They are more manageable (think disciplined), keep you company, require your care and concern, and can be doted on. Watching a plant grow can be an equally rewarding and satisfying experience for the owner.  And now, when you go away on a vacation, you don’t have to worry about your neighbour forgetting to water it for you! All thanks to the new TriPot I.

If you often forget to water your pretty indoor petunias and find them sadly wilting away week after week just like the others, it is possible that heavy workload is keeping you on your toes or it might just be your memory. There are other times that you might water it too much, so it floods the mud and this is not very good for the plant either. Given all such problems of giving a try at becoming a green thumb, how many times have you wished the plants could water themselves once in a while?

Released by Greenamic, this ceramic self-watering pot is stylish, with a shiny polished finish and chic design, perfect for your indoor plants- minus those ugly dirt marks on the floor and always happily hydrated. The TriPot I is your one-stop solution for all problems related to over or under-watering of plants. It ensures that the soil becomes neither too soggy nor too dry. This way it saves you much time and hassle too. For instance, when you are watering the plant, you could tip the can over and the tiny pot could overflow or the floor could get wet. Now put those silly, yet frustrating problems behind you. TriPot I is to the rescue!

Looking chic, the TriPot meticulously does its job for upto eight whole weeks, by letting an optimum amount of water into the pot to water the plant routinely, keeping both you and the plant content. It has a water level indicator on its reservoir which reminds you when the water stored is not enough and requires a refill.

In simple terms, The TriPot I leaves you with lesser work, hassle, and prettier plants in the house! Priced at $42, it is worth a making a grab for! The TriPot I. Try It.

I am sure after looking at this product, you might want to get one for your home too. Don’t worry, you have more options available such as Flip Flop Solar Plant and Robot Plant.

Via: HolyCool