The Unhampered Collapsible Laundry Basket

Do you have your dirty clothes lying around on the floor? Or does your laundry basket take up more space than necessary in your apartment? Do you misplace your detergents and solutions and spend hours looking through all shelves and cupboards to trace it out? Unhampered comes up with easy solutions to get you more organized. It gives you all the facilities and functions of an average laundry basket and what’s more, it can be folded flat when not needed. When not in use, Unhampered collapsible laundry basket can be stored between your washer, dryer, or under the sink. It can be stored at just about any place where you can afford to spare some space, probably an inch or two. When unfolded, you have a sturdy deluxe basket with multiple handles and storage compartments. Once you have done your washing, for the day, you can easily fold it up and store it away for the next time.

The Unhampered collapsible laundry basket does more than just being used for laundry purposes. It folds flat to approximately two inch width, allowing you to store it anywhere you please. It has two sets of handles to facilitate easy grip anywhere, anytime. The Unhampered collapsible laundry basket has side mesh pockets which help to hold all your soaps and softeners, and keep them within easy reach.

When unfolded, the Unhampered collapsible laundry basket is twenty two inches long, fifteen inches wide, and twelve inches tall. The highly interesting aspect about the Unhampered collapsible laundry basket is that it can be taken apart at will.

This is an excellent multi function laundry cart, which any home maker would be proud to possess. The Unhampered collapsible laundry cart is a great buy for anyone conscious about making maximum utilization of space. The basket has side pockets which allow it to store detergents used for washing. This Unhampered collapsible laundry basket doubles up as a multi purpose basket too. You can easily carry it around and it can be used to store other household articles too.

Freshly washed clothes can be neatly folded and stacked in this basket when it is not being used for laundering purposes. In fact, the collapsible laundry basket  provides all the functions one can expect from a deluxe, full size version.

It hardly takes up any space when folded and this unique laundry basket is a must have in all homes. All you need to spend is $19.99.

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