Extra Chic Cat Bed: Maybe This Time Your Cat Will Sleep There

After having cats most of my life I can tell you that the number 1 rule for a cats is that he or she will never sleep where you want him or her to sleep! You can set them the most luxurious place to nap and in the end they will sleep on your laptop … :/

Perhaps this next cat bed will convince your cat to sleep there after all cats just love to sleep in small and high places so this extra chic bed might be a cool solution for your cat’s sleeping place.

amazing cat bed

You can either hand it or use the stand to place on the floor.

amazing cat bed 2

This cat bed A.K.A the Calabash is a KittiCraft’s™ flagship product and known to attract the attention of jealous neighbourhood cats, so you have been warned 🙂

Via gizmodiva