5 Gifts We Would Love To Get

The holidays are just around the corner and now it’s the best time to start thinking what to buy for that special girl in your life. Gifts are ALWAYS welcomed. Here are some gift ideas, every tech-chic would love to get. So just leave the computer open on this page so that your boyfriend/husband/parents will “accidentally” see it and maybe you’d get a pleasant surprise soon, or of course you can use these ideas to buy something special for yourself!

Urbanears- Tanto

This special earphones by Urbanears are a great gift for you runners or for those who love to hear music while sitting in the subway or bus. The Tanto is constructed for maximum mobility without the compromise of performance, adorned with a sleek and minimalistic look. With theses awesome earphones you will have the full sound experience in a lightweight and portable headphone made for everyday use to be taken along wherever you go. I especially love this “Tomato” color, but there’s a very big variety of colors to choose from. These cool earphones retails for 40$. For more details click here.

Holga iPhone Lens

Your iPhone can be better, sharper and smarter with this crazy stunts this Holga lens can pull! Sure, there’s an app for that, but do you really want a robot to have all the fun? The Holga iPhone lens is a rotating disk equipped with 9 different lenses for your iPhone! Just fit the case that it comes on over the back of your phone, and you’re set for hours of phoneography fun. Price: 30$. For more details click here.

Pebble Smartstick

Pebble Smartstick will make sure that your phone will never run out of juice when you’re hiking in the wilderness (or running around the shops). No bigger than a packet of polos and with five different adapter tips, this back-up battery will suit most mobile devices. In our modern world, where almost everyone has a smartphone this gift is very useful, especially for you working girls who are out of the house most of the day. The best thing is you can choose your own color: Pink, black, purple or silver. Price: about 30$. For more details click here.

Jawbone Jambox Speaker

This powerful wireless speaker from Jawbone allows you to stream tunes via any Bluetooth connection from your phone, computer or any other source and play your music LOUD.  Take it with you from room to room or share your sound anywhere, like the beach, park, hotel, backyard, rooftop, hot tub or pool. Price: 299.99$. For more details click here.

DAB/FM Radio by MagicBox

This must be the cutest radio on the planet, the Tots offers the best of Scandanavian chic design in an array of mouthwatering colors.  It’s minimalist, it’s cubist, it’s an artistic delight, and despite its diminutive stature, the Tots sounds great too! Available in a variety of colors. For more details click here

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