Bandai Cook Joy Pack Sand Maker Turns Cooking into Art

I have never been one of those people that dives into the art of cooking. I enjoy it when a meal of mine turns out to be delicious, but I simply can’t conjure up the same passion that I see 24 hours a day on the Food Network. Still, sometimes cooking can be fun, and this Bandai Cook Joy Pack will go a long way in turning a regular old batch of cookies or sandwiches into an interactive learning experience.

The process here is fairly straightforward. First, put together a batch of cookies or sandwiches, then choose the mold you would like to use. Roll the mold over the ingredients and ta da! You have a fun face-shaped cookie. The set comes with an elaborate number of molds, including an apple, hearts, bear face, a smiling face, and a winking face. It also includes a roller for easy application of the mold of your choice. Unfortunately, an afternoon of cooking with cute molds does not come cheap, and the joy pack will set you back $64 USD, with an additional $21 tacked on for the shipping and handling costs. That little piggy mold is just cute enough for me to actually consider picking it up. The smiling apple mold comes in at a close second.

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