The Toast Strips Stamper

Food tastes delicious and yummy when it is served up elegantly and tastefully. An artistically garnished dish, a well laid out dinner or breakfast table, loaves of bread and toast served up in bite sized pieces, can all add to the ambience of a good meal.

Even otherwise, it has been scientifically proven that food tastes immensely better when they are evenly cut down to bite sized pieces or into even strips. The next time you decide to serve up toast, make it tastier with the Toast Strips Stamper.

All you need to do is to rock the Stamper over your untoasted bread slices, toss them into the toaster and when done, pull them apart gently for tastier toast strips. Isn’t that simple? With this toast strip stamper, it’s fun to create dip-able toast, crust less pea nut butter and jelly, French toast strips and much more. Have fun partying with this lovely toast strips stamper.

It measures just four inches long and is equipped with an easy to grip handle. Make sure you hand wash this tiny Toast strips stamper.

Whenever you feel like having a hearty breakfast of toast accompanied by bacon and eggs, use the toast strips stamper to cut them up into bite sized pieces. Doesn’t that make life a whole lot easier? How about trying out some lip smacking French toast sticks that are mouthwateringly delicious? Yes of course! The amazing toast strips stamper helps you to make the most delicious French toast sticks imaginable.

Even though the toast strips stamper was originally designed for toasts, it has a myriad other uses too. Regale your kids by turning out crust less pea nut butter and jelly mini sandwiches and of course, yummy French toast sticks, to name just a few.

The toast strips stamper is definitely a great buy for anyone with kids and we all know that kids really go crazy over crusts. They love dipping bread fingers in runny eggs and the toast strips stamper makes it even easier by slicing the bread for you. The simple four bladed gadget not only slices your toast into four pieces, but also decrusts them.

The toast strips stamper can also be used on untoasted bread slices to de crust them. Breakfast making is made simpler and more creative with this amazing toast strips stamper. Do invest in this toast strips stamper and make breakfast times great fun!

Next time, I am going to have a gala breakfast with my friends using this remarkable kitchen tool! In fact, Ninja-Bread Man Cookie Cutters and Circus Waffle Maker are other alternatives that you can look at if you wish to begin morning with a great breakfast.

Via: Perpetual Kid