Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s day is just around the corner so I’m guessing you already started to search and think for a great Valentine gift to give your loved one. When it comes to Valentine’s day sometimes the card alone can be the gift (if it’s really good). We thought it will be nice to bring to you some of the funniest Valentine’s Day cards we found on Etsy. If you hurry now you might own one of these great cards till Feburary 14 just in time to suprsie your loved one with a great and funny Valentine’s Day cards.

You Make My Lemon Drizzle

Bake your way to someone’s heart this Valentine’s Day. Available for $4.61 Funny Valentine's Day Cards 3

You’re Sweet.. Sometimes…

Honesty is the best policy, right?! Remind your sweetie how sweet they are…sometimes! Available  for $4.00 Funny Valentine's Day Cards 2

 “BOOBS” – For Anyone Who Loves Boobs

This is surly a creative card for this who just love boobs 🙂 Available  for $3.50Funny Valentine's Day Cards 4 Funny Valentine's Day Cards 7

You’re My Favorite Baby Daddy

Available for $4.00

Funny Valentine's Day Cards

I love you more than my iPhone

Admitting you love someone more than your iPhone is a big step 🙂 Available for $4.00 Funny Valentine's Day Cards 5 For more Valentine’s related articles check out  Super Geeky Valentine Cards or 21 Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Love.