Hamburger Nail Paint

Most girls change their nail polish colors repeatedly, it is the perfect time killer, time for yourself, the time filler when you don’t want to use your brains and sometimes just an obsessive compulsive disorder 🙂 Art can be anything now a days, no offense to artists, but art is the one thing that lets you be imaginative in whichever way you can and express yourself that way. That is what the daily nail blogger has brought forth in the form of a blog which will have different kinds of nail art every day, the recent one being the imitation of a tasty burger on the nails.

nail art nail polish

A burger with so many different colors, would have taken quite some time to be replicated on nails! The artist has used different color bases to bring out the different colors of the burger. I shall not ruin the fun of the blog by talking about how the different colors took birth over here…ill just say that it has a dash of zoya and creme here and there and is definitely worth a read, so you should check it out at blogspot. The DailyNail could also use some of your ideas, if you could help.

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