The Ninja-Bread Man Cookie Cutters

Arouse the kid in you and entertain yourself with this sweet gadget, the Ninja bread men cookie cutters.  They are just suited to usher in some fun and frolic into your lives. Use these Ninja bread men cookie cutters to stage a cookie coup in your kitchen. Cut, bake and decorate them to your taste and it will all vanish in no time. You can be creative enough to add swords and stars with icing and stick in tooth picks for a touch of class.

These Ninja bread men cookie cutters are made of rugged and food safe ABC plastic. Each cookie cutter measures nearly four inches by three inches. Kids can be quite a handful during holidays and it’s a tall task trying to regale them and keep them occupied. With this Ninja bread men cookie cutter, you can get your kids and their friends to pitch in for an afternoon of baking and cooking. They would love to toy with these and finally gorge on the finished product too- the warrior shaped cookies.

Kids would love to have an afternoon tea party with cookies made by them. It goes a long way in helping to boost their self esteem and also, holidays can be fun time too with these amazing Ninja bread men cutters. Get them to be creative and reward them amply for the best decorative ideas they can come up with.

Since there are instructions on the back of the pack as to how to decorate each cookie, you too can aid in teaching them to do so, step by step. These cookie cutters are shaped like Ninja warriors, the kids and you can create a stealthy and skilled batch of kung fu cookies. I am sure your boisterous youngsters at home would simply love these.

The pack includes three adorable Ninja poses- sub zero’s flying head punt, Scorpion’s front kick to the spine and Chun Li’s four fingered death punch. Kids will enjoy having these cookies while watching their favorite old Jack Burton kick Lo-Pan’s butt in “ Big Trouble in Little China “ or any time, watching their favorite shows.

The Ninja Bread men cookie cutter is a perfect gift for young mothers with naughty but adorable toddlers at home, so that they can be kept happy and actively engaged during holidays and weekends. One can buy these Ninja Cutters for just $7.99 only.

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