The Unique USB Aquarium

Why not brighten, lighten and enliven your work environs? Bid good bye to grey walls, grey carpeting and sterile work spaces, with flickering fluorescent lighting, all deigned to crush your spirit. But you can’t just walk out of a well paying job just because the surroundings depress you. Of course, you do have commitments and bills to pay , so you walk in and out of your office  feeling a little dead inside with each passing day.Even though you would love to brighten up your workspace, regulations might be against doing so. Haven’t you ever wondered as to if only there could be some power source that no one would complain about , you could have taken steps to redo your work space.? Well, you can do so now! You can opt for a nice pencil cup with a bright LED light to lighten up your work space brightly, and it would be powered solely by USB. But no! You would find it boring and staid and unappealing. Well, how would you react to a nice clock and calendar and temperature sensor? You find it a wee mite better but not just the right thing for you. How about sounds of nature that is infinitely soothing to your frayed nerves? You must be wondering whether you are imagining all this but there’s yet more to come.

You can have all this plus a very real fish tank where you can have a couple of aquatic buddies with you while you work. Amazing isn’t it? Here’s a low voltage USB fish tank, the USB Fishquarium that operates entirely out of your computer’s built in USB power. You just have to plug it in, fill it with water, drop a couple of white loud minnows and watch in fascination as they swim and dart about , frolicking to their heart’s content on your desk. You can have a couple of beta fish if you just want more sedate floating and less of frolicking by your aquatic buddies.

Voila! you have infused life into an otherwise unenthusiastic and depressing work environ. Feel empowered while you watch your fish swim about. But then, don’t forget to feed them.

This USB Fishquarium can be powered by the USB Power connector. It is in fact a multi function pen holder too. It emanates nature sounds and is equipped with multi color interior lights. This USB power supply has an adjustable overhead light too. It also has under-gravel filtration system and a low voltage pump.

The USB Fishquarium doubles up as an LCD calendar with time and date, week and temperature. What’s more, it has an alarm clock with snooze feature and a count down time. The pack includes gravel and decorative plastic plants. You will have to get the fish yourself. The clock and calendar needs three AA batteries to make this device functional. One can buy this USB at the price of $39.99 only.

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