Fall in love with the Cookie Monster Block Art

If you are an ardent fan of Sesame Street, you would surely recognize the Cookie Monster. Though this fictional Muppet character has a voracious appetite for anything and everything, it has a special penchant for cookies, especially the chocolate chip cookies. So, if you have showed you love for the Cookie Monster by simply wearing t-shirts having the motif of it till now, it’s time to change all that, thanks to the creation of xanderthurteen. With his cookiebox bearing those famous googly eyes and the blue fur of Cookie Monster, you just can’t do anything else but fall in love with this character all over again.

cookie monster art box

This Cookie Monster is ideal as a gift item with which you can brighten up the day of your near and dear ones. For some other cute but weird gift items, you may check out the Swear Bear Dolls or the Sesame Street Chess Set.

Coming back to the idea of gifting Cookie Monster as a gift, if you find it too hard to part with those loving googly eyes staring at you (and perhaps asking you to feed it its favorite cookies), be a little selfish and keep it for yourself. You will surely love looking into the Cookie Monster’s eyes!