Celebrate the Festive Season with the Burger and Fries Cake Design

There is hardly anyone who does not like to gorge on burger and fries, as the two become a part of the American culture and one cannot simply do without his or her share of these awesome snacks. Some people tend to refer to burgers as junk food but the fact remains that these awesome recipes are something that we all find really hard to resist. If you too love to have your burger and fries, you will surely find this burger and fries cake pretty tempting, to say the least.


The cake by cupcakejonas89 just looks like a plate of burger and fries served with a decent helping of ketchup on a platter. The burger cake is very well designed with cheese strips and mayonnaise that can be seen oozing out from the sides. The fries look very delicious and you would surely crave to have a generous helping of it to appease your taste buds.

The burger and fries cake is perfect for your kid’s birthday parties and other light-hearted occasions. So, make the most of your next event by making this burger and fries cake a part of it.

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Via: Walyou