The Sound Bulb Conceptual Device is a Perfect Desk Accessory!

We have always looked for gadgets that combine two or more related functions; Here, the more the merrier. The principle reason behind this we live matchbox sized houses so few gadgets will occupy less space and still deliver utility. The Sound Bulb Concept by Armada does second our opinion and brilliantly hides a speaker inside its light bulb structure.


Moving from top to bottom, one can see there is a protective wire mesh ( as seen in all speakers ) followed by the real speakers, the wireless Bluetooth receiver, the LED bulb and the power connector hooked to the Edison E27 thread.  The second tool in this unit would be a transmitter with standard plug that can be pushed into any portable media player or even cell phones featuring the standard output jack. So you got to plug in the bulb, turn it on and the receiver will look for signals from the transmitter which means this Sound Bulb will begin to exhale your favorite numbers from the wirelessly connected media player.


You can let funny stuff being played in your office surroundings making people say “Darn, why can’t I see any speakers” while you are trying to conceal laughter outburst in your belly. Check out the Turn On and Off Lamp Design, LED Dinosaur Lamps and the Temperature Controlled Faucet Lights for more interesting lighting options for your personal cave.